ChocoVron Bitesize Cookies and Cream Chocolate Coated Polvoron 20pcs

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Your favorite chocolate coated polvoron now available in bitesize!

Polvoron-- a toothsome treat made with powdered milk, toasted flour, butter and sugar-- is definitely one of the Filipino's all-time favorite snacks or desserts. Chocovron proudly offers a delicious and more flavorful way to enjoy this traditional milk cake. Now loaded with all the goodness of milk and the scrumptious taste crush cookies and cream, this polvoron variety is a convenient way to enjoy our favorite milk and cookies anytime, anywhere!

Now Uniquely Filipino, Uniquely Chocovron! ❤️

🗓️EXPIRATION DATE: 10 months from production date

⚖️NET WT: 80g
⚠️ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains Wheat and Milk.
📦STORAGE CONDITION: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odors.

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