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ChocoVron Owner

Joel & Marissa

While Joel always has that entrepreneurial drive, he was a diligent employee first, and it was that curious day while doing grocery shopping with his beloved wife, Marissa back in January 2003 that changed their lives. Their desire to make an all-time favorite Filipino delicacy into something extraordinarily special, like Polvoron, led to the creation of ChocoVron, the first chocolate coated Polvoron.

ChocoVron, started selling thru friends, friends of friends and then word travelled and it became famous in bazaars. Opportunities came, offers from major grocery brands, department stores and top tier convenience stores came in. From ten (10) packs a day, ChocoVron's production grew to thousands today. Times changed and people started to be health conscious. ChocoVron delightly catered to that demand and made a line of great tasting chocolate coated Polvoron containing vegetable bits – Veggie Vron. Other product lines, were innovated following the demand to distribute more products – that includes the classic Polvoron – Manila Polvoron.

Following the successful line of VeggieVron comes NutriVron, these are non-coated Polvoron with the same vitamin- rich veggies from VeggieVron and flavor varieties from Manila Polvoron now made even healthier with the use of stevia, a natural sweetener, best for our sweet-tooth diabetic loved ones, or for those who are just watching their diet.

  • Smallest coated polvoron

    Polvoron-- a toothsome treat made with powdered milk, toasted flour, butter and sugar-- is definitely one of the Filipino's all-time favorite snacks or desserts.

  • Classic polvoron

    The Classic Polvoron is a simple mix of powdered milk, toasted flour, butter and sugar molded into cake. It is one of the Filipino’s all-time favorite snacks or dessert.

  • Big Oven

    Chewy chocolatey goodness, this is what makes a good brownie - great. Warm it and be paired with your favorite tea or take it on the road, or try even both! Indulge this perfectly baked all-time favorite treat from home.