•To serve love by providing globally competitive products
•To be a preferred employer to provide equal opportunities including the PWD's
•Constant product innovation to serve the needs and wants of a wider range of market
•Adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements related to food safety and quality products
•To consistently hold CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Activities
•To develop and nurture long-term relationship with our suppliers, customers and consumers.
•To be efficient and profitable to exceed the stakeholders' objectives.

Action – Driven

•Malasakit: we value and prioritize the wellness of our employees for they are our biggest assets. We aim for their growth as different individuals for we succeed by helping them reach their own goals.
•Act strongly and accordingly to situations that challenge us to be a better provider of globally-competitive products.


•Practice mutual respect and equal treatment to everyone we deal with in the industry.
•Highly respect the market's needs and wants by providing products that are worth spending for.


•Maintain a harmonious and passionate organization by empowering our manpower to efficiently provide the best products.


•Combined efforts, value and performance of our designated departments towards one goal.
•Investing on our teams' career advancement for them to strive in their given tasks as we continue to develop our company.

  • — Vision —

    We are inspired to be the leading food and beverage manufacturer in the Philippines catering local and global market with wide range of products.