What we value

Our values, which are reflected in everything we do, our virtues form how we perform and bring our objective of empowering people to snack right to life.

We adore both our customers and our brands. We know our customers well and understand their desires for individual well-being as well as thoughtful care for our planet. It influences how we share delicious and filling snacks with them.

Day after day, we grow. We have one goal in mind in everything we do: growth. Instead of focusing on perfection, we operate with speed and efficiency. Everything we do revolves around our people. They are the engine that impels our expansion.

We do the right thing. At all time. We treat everyone with respect and honesty. Our wide and varied, inclusive, and associated community strengthens us and keeps us on the right track. We keep our promises, doing what is right for our customers, our partners, our brands, and the environment.

  • 2003

    Founded by a Filipino husband-and-wife team, Joel and Marissa Yala, in 2003 with a starting capital of PHP 8,000.
    They started selling thru friends, friends of friends and then word travelled and it became famous in bazaars. Opportunities came, offers from major grocery brands, department stores and top tier convenience stores came in.

  • 2010

    ChocoVron Bakeshop became a corporation.

  • 2017

    ChocoVron Global Corp. ventured tobakedproducts under the brand:
    Big Oven

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